About Ann

Who Is Ann Moura?

I consider myself a rather ordinary person, low profile, and generally private, with a wry sense of humor. For hobbies, I like to read, make jewelry, write poetry, dabble with acrylics, watercolors and pen & ink art work, paint ceramics, and do a bit of sewing and needlepoint. Now and then I enjoy making magical items such as black mirrors, herbal charm bags, ogham fews & casting cloths or boards, runes, herbal soaps, and ritual attire. My taste in music is highly eclectic and rather selective ranging from "classical" through 60's, 70's, and 80's mainly, along with some "heavy metal" groups.

If anything, you could say I am consistently inconsistent. As an avid individualist, everything is taken on an individual basis -- on its own merits -- and because I like one thing by one artist, it does not follow that I like everything by that artist.

Hand painted ceramic village

My collecting impulse manifested at an early age, with foreign dolls when I was 9 years old, and now includes a number of historical, foreign, and character dolls. I donít tend to collect those so much any more as I have a glass china cabinet full of them, plus a number of individual display cases of them. My kitchen cabinets contain a fine stack of coffee mugs with various logos and motifs from schools to industrial companies, but I also have and use a variety of china tea pots, tea cups, and tea sets.

Personal history is also eclectic, having lived in the mid-west, the east coast, the west coast, the west, the northwest, and now the southeast in Florida. I have traveled to Canada, Mexico, Japan, Brazil, Italy, Spain, and France, and visited every state in the continental U.S. Into my 70's now, I remain busy with the store and I have pretty much put aside traveling to author events and Pagan Gatherings, letting my broom rest contently next to the stone fireplace.