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Through the old wooden gate you enter my secret garden below where you will be able to follow a red brick walkway and meander at your own pace among the beds of herbs, flowers, shrubs, and little hidden grottoes. The Spirits of Nature, kinfolk of the woodland, smile shyly at you from beneath the foliage of an abundance of herbs and other plants. Bay, borage, comfrey, chive, garlic, marjoram, thyme, oregano, and woodruff nestle together along with their taller kin of artemisia, mugwort, motherwort, rosemary, tansy, and yarrow. The golden light of the Sun urges growth, while the silvery light of the Moon calls the Fair Ones out to dance in a Circle by the birdbath, their shimmering reflections cast fleetingly upon the shining orb of the garden's gazing globe. In this garden, the Elementals work together for the benefit of all as Earth offers nourishment to plants, Air brings gentle breezes to spread their seeds, Fire gives Solar warmth that they grow tall, and Water moistens their roots and washes their leaves.

The Spirit of the Garden is one of tranquility and growing life, of purposefulness and awareness of the value of root, stem, leaf, and flower, and of knowing that those who visit and tend the plants are at one with them. Those who walk the path are in union with the Lady and the Lord of Nature, whose pleasure it is to see Their children grow and bear fruit. Here the cycles of Nature repeat in the endless rhythm of the Wheel of the Year, carrying the nuance of each changing season with the gentle harmony and transition of energy through Gaia's cauldron of rebirth.

At the various sites along the path there are things to see and read about my writings, my family path, my activities, and how to contact me. I have been happy to present my Craft heritage in several books, and I am delighted that the duplicate of my personal grimoire in the book, "The Grimoire For The Green Witch," is a Coalition of Visionary Resources Award winner!

I hope you enjoy your stroll through the virtual garden, and when you have seen all you choose, come visit the Gazebo before departing. I bid you welcome to my world in which everything is alive and everything contains a portion of the Divine Spirit. My path is animistic and pantheistic, so do not be surprised to see me speak to plants and stones, to animals and trees, to the seen and the unseen. To me, all are connected and sentient, and all that is needed for communication is taking the time to do so. May the Goddess and the God bless your feet which take you on your path.

Brightest Blessings,
Ann Moura [Aoumiel]


GREEN WITCHCRAFT IV: WALKING THE FAERIE PATH is in stock at LUNA SOL ESOTERICA, LLC (see adddress below) and may also be found at major bookstores, metaphysical shops,, and through the publisher, Llewellyn Worldwide.




This lovely glimpse of portions of several of the Green Witch Tarot cards was created by the artist, Kiri Ostergaard Leonard.

This deck won the TAROSOPHY TAROT ASSOCIATION'S TAROT DECK OF THE YEAR 2015, and the INTERNATIONAL TAROT FOUNDATION (ITF) CARTA AWARD FOR BEST TAROT COLLABORATION IN 2015! This is a wonderful honor for us both, and Kiri and I are thrilled to have received this recognition for our work.

More pictures are on my store website, and include my lunar magic book, MANSIONS OF THE MOON, and GREEN WITCHCRAFT IV.


My store -- Luna Sol Esoterica -- is located at 311 S. Park Avenue in Sanford, FL. The shop is in a 2 two-story Queen Anne style house over a 125 years old. Open Thursday through Saturday from 10am to 5:30pm, and 11am to 5:30pm on Sunday, we are closed on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. In store sales only, we do not ship. To see more images of the store, vist the website at

My daughter Xyn ("Zin") and I provide guidance with our experience to help others find what they need for the best energy and results. The store offers a variety of metaphysical products including our hand selected array of crystals and minerals, spheres, polished stones, and rough stones, as well as books, statuary, wands, athames, chalices, candles, oils, herbs, and other items for your altar, shrine, craft, and spiritual needs.

To get to the store from I-4, exit at SR 46 and go east to the Historic District of Sanford. Turn south onto S. Park Ave. and look for the Queen Anne style two-story green house with cream trim, front porch, and sign in the front yard, located between 3rd St. and 4th St. Free parking on both sides of the wide brick street only.

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