My Witchie-Crafties

Hand Crafted by Ann Moura

Here are some of the items I have created in the past. No two are exactly alike because each is handmade. I wrote instructions for these crafts in Grimoire for the Green Witch and in the Crafty Crafts section of the Llewellyn Sabbats Almanac (Samhain 2010 to Mabon 2011 issue).

I have made Celtic Ogham fews and casting cloths or casting boards, as well as Elder Futhark Runes with pouch to hold them. The fews and runes are burned onto wood, then sanded, shellaced and sanded again for a smooth finish. I also enjoy creating black mirrors with herbs and a bindrune behind the glass. I normally use glass photo frames that can stand up or be held in your hands, such as with oval shaped glass of 3 inch by 5 inch or larger ones of 8 inch by 10 inch. My store keeps me pretty busy these days, so my crafting time is much more limited, and what I make I sell in the store.

Casting cloths can be in any color or even patterns found personally appealing. Every Ogham and casting cloth set is unique, and I even made one in which the drawstring bag that held the fews opened up to be the casting cloth. Runes do not normally come with a casting cloth, but there is no reason why one cannot be created and decorated as desired.

Other items I have been making include spell candles for the store, blended oils, and herbal teas. You can make your own by using the recipes in my Grimoire for the Green Witch, and now also in Mansions of the Moon for the Green Witch. Be sure to craft your items by the appropriate lunar phase, and if possible, by the matching planetary hour. Mansions of the Moon contains a number of blended oil recipes and candle spells, along with bath salts, herbal charms, and so forth, all of which may be created during appropriate Esbats.

Ogham Fews and Casting Cloth

Ogham Fews and Casting Cloth

Ogham Fews and Casting Board

Ogham Fews and Casting Board

Oval Blue Moon Mirror

This is a picture of a mirror I made during a Blue Moon, charged with the lunar energy, sealed with herbs and bindrune. Such a mirror can be used for scrying the future, the past, the present, past lives, meditating, and traveling to other worlds and planes.


Since I sell my jewelry in the store, many of the items shown below are no longer available, but at least you can see how I blend the energies of the stones in gemstone jewelry of necklaces, earrings, and bracelets to focus on a purpose, such as protection, peace, prosperity, and so on. Each design is unique, harmonious, and energized. Silver spacers and findings allow the energies of the stones to flow well together.

Here are descriptions of the energies these stones offer. AGATE: balance, good fortune, health; AMBER: manifestation, strenthen a spell, success; AMETHYST: cleansing, energizing, protection, spirituality; AQUAMARINE: calm thought process for clarity; AVENTURINE: creativity, courage, calm, decision-making, prosperity; AZURITE: healing, meditation, overcome fears, psychic development; BLOODSTONE: remove obstacles, vitality; CARNELIAN: energy, career, success, protection; CITRINE: dissipates negativity, problem solving, gaining and maintaining prosperity; CHALCEDONY: optimism, amiability, creativity; CHAROITE: cleansing, soul stone, spiritual insight, transformation; CHRYSOCOLLA: cleansing, balance, healing, good fortune; CHRYSOPRASE: clairvoyance, incentive, peace; CRYSTAL QUARTZ (CLEAR): cleansing, energize, meditation, psychicness, vision; ROSE QUARTZ: comfort, companionship, love, peace; SMOKY QUARTZ: draw positive energy, Fairy connection, protection; CORAL: calm, protect from illness; EMERALD: activates the heart chakra for Divine love, healing, abundance; FLOURITE: cleansing, Fairy connection, intuition, learning, progress, psychic protection; GARNET: cleansing chakras, devotion, energy, health, protection, purification, self-esteem, swift action; GREEN GARNET: vitality, health, prosperity; ORANGE GARNET: creativity, attraction, removes disharmony from aura; IOLITE: astral travel, break bad habit/addiction, end discord, psychic vision; JADE: calm, harmonious friendship, luck, peace, safe travel, serenity; JASPER: astral travel, balance, energy, protection, stability; RED JASPER: return negativity to sender; BROWN JASPER: stability, groudning; GREEN JASPER: healing, fertility; JET: balance, bind energy to a goal, calm fears, protection; KYANITE: altered states, meditation, channeling; LABRADORITE: psychic power, protection, magic; GOLDEN LABRADORITE: vitality, energy, manifestation through magic; LAPIS LAZULI: authority, balance, power boost, wisdom; LEPIDOLITE: clear blockages, peace, spiritual growth; MALACHITE: business success, remove obstacles, transformation; MOLDAVITE: cosmic communication, clear blockages, good fortune, inspiration; MOONSTONE: clairvoyance, empathy, sensitivity; OBSIDIAN: creativity, protecton, prophecy, self-control; ONYX: overcome fears/worries, past lives, strength, vigor; OPAL: communication, confidence, personal power, protection, psychic vision, soothing, spirituality; PEARL: astral projection, calming, focus, integrity, sincerity; PERIDOT: awareness, clairvoyance, cleansing, progress, protection, reduce stress; PURPURITE: release from restrictive patterns, increase spirituality, financial aid and prosperity; QUARTZ CRYSTAL: focus and direct energy; ROSE QUARTZ: peace, love; SNOWY QUARTZ: serenity, peace, contemplation; RHODONITE: overcome difficulties to achieve potential with positive attitude; RUBY: protect the health, increase energy, draw what is desired; STAR RUBY: increases the energy of ruby; SAPPHIRE: wisdom, material gains, attract good influences; BLUE SAPPHIRE: insight; ORANGE SAPPHIRE: creativity, creative arts; PINK SAPPHIRE: kindness; YELLOW SAPPHIRE: business success; STAR SAPPHIRE: adds energy to the sapphire by color; SARDONYX: integrity, protection, purification, strength; BLACK SARDONYX: absorbs negativity; BROWN SARDONYX: grounds; RED SARDONYX: stimulates; SERAPHINITE: astral travel, enlightenment, meditation, spirituality, weight loss; SODALITE: blends intuition & logic, harmony, meditation, memory, spirituality, truth; TANZANITE: Fairy/spirit contact, magic, manifestation, psychic communication, visions; TIGER EYE: good luck, motivation, protection, self-confidence, stability; TOURMALINE: balance, cleansing, divination, friendship, healing, joyfulness, love, protection; TURQUOISE: actualizing, balance, communication, intuition, protection, purification, spirituality, strength; UNAKITE: calming, grounding, healing, psychic vision; VARISCITE: peace, tranquility, alignment of heart and mind.