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Buying Autographed Books from the Author

I will be happy to personalize and autograph any book you purchase through my store, Luna Sol Esoterica. My book, Ann Moura's New History of Witchcraft is available from me at my store www.lunasolesoterica.com and can be ordered with credit card by phone at the Luna Sol Esoterica during store hours.

Pay for books may be made by calling my store at 321-363-4883 for credit card orders on Wednesday thru Saturday, 10am - 6pm; Sunday 11am - 6pm.

For shipping in the Continental United States, please add $8.00 to the cost of each book ordered. For Hawaii and Alaska, please add $12.00 shipping per book.

Luna Sol Esoterica, LLC
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321-363-4883 http://www.lunasolesoterica.com

Mansions of the Moon for the Green Witch [an advanced book of lunar magic for Esbats that incorporate the energies of the ancient mansions in harmony with the Witches' Rede of "Harm None"]--$19.99. Mansions Of The Moon

Green Witchcraft: Folk Magic, Fairy Lore, & Herb Craft [an introduction to my Hereditary Tradition]--$16.99. Green Witchcraft
Green Witchcraft II: Balancing Light & Shadow [more advanced book about working with the Dark Power Aspects of the Divine, including working with familiars and how to use the Celtic Ogham for divination]--$16.99. Green Witchcraft II
Green Witchcraft III: The Manual [a teaching guide based on a course I have taught using GW I as the textbook]--$16.99. Green Witchcraft III
Green Magic: The Sacred Connection to Nature [more advanced book on the nuts & bolts of magic and moving energy; does not contain rituals, spells, or meditations]--$16.99. Green Magic
Grimoire for the Green Witch: A Complete Book of Shadows
COALITION OF VISIONARY RESOURCES AWARD WINNER!! [duplicate of my personal Book of Shadows & Grimoire; contains rituals, correspondences, divinations, teas, baths, oils, etc., designed to be used like a cookbook rather than as something to read]--$21.99.
Tarot for the Green Witch [learning Tarot from the perspective of Witchcraft and Nature, with charts, meanings of multiples, numerology uses, spreads, and a concordance pairing every card with every other card in the Tarot to show how the energies blend for interpretation in a reading]--$16.99. Tarot for the Green Witch